White Frizz Boy not doing "The Deed"??? Up for suggestions...


10 Years
Oct 17, 2009
Hi Everyone, I have a 9 mth. old white frizz cochin banty roo boy that is fiesty to say the least! I just recently set him up with his own breeding pen and put three of my standard cochin girls in with him. These girls have been submitting and breeding with my standard cochin roo since Dec. and laying great! SO I KNOW they are fine...but for whatever reason my white frizz boy won't breed with them??? I did see him make one attempt with one girl but it was unsuccessful:oops: but ever since...NOTHING!!! What's the scoop???
I was planning to try selling some fert. eggs soon? Any suggestions??? I'm thinking of getting him some white silkie girls(more his size) and just doing F1 sizzles instead...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Blessings, Keri

Here's "Mr. Fluff" when he was still a free ranger this winter.
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how long has he been with them? sometimes it takes several months when I introduce a new roo to get fertility. it can be fustrating but one dy they get the deed done right
Ohhh...he's only been with them now for three day steady. He has free ranged with these girls ever since last summer though. I have been letting the girls out in the afternoons to get a break from the pen and free range while I'm doing yardwork and then put them back in. Do you think this is upsetting the process? Thanks Again, Keri
could be but 3 days is no where near enough time as most of the eggs layed would not have been fertile from him anyways because some were almost done being laid and were too far along in the cycle to even get fertilized. give it a month or more then you can stert to wonder if there is a problem.

As long as he goes out with them it should not upset the process, if not and its just the girls going out it could but I would not worry about it.
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He's made a few attempts!!!
so I'm happy about that! Like I said, he's been around these girls since last October but the sharing the breeding pen is new to them. The girls are laying up a storm! I got four eggs today form 3 standard cochin girls that are in the pen with him!!! I know that's NOT the norm for cochins so I can't expect this to happen very often but still very cool that it did!!!
Now all I need is for the "Fluff Man" to do his "job" and we will be ready to sell some pretty frizzle eggies!!! I was thinking sometime in April I would start selling them this way it gives them 4 full weeks to be just with Fluff. Thanks for all the help guys! Keri
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