White light makes my chicks go nuts, Red light soothes there sole!


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Oct 14, 2012
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I'm raising 25 Austerlorp chicks, and doing fabulous ! I've had a red light on them, and its wonderful, but tonight I put a white light on them, because its so hot here in Tx right now. No good to do that, lol, they went nuts! Needless to say that the Red light is back on them, they won. One benefitting factor I did see about the white light is that did attract more bugs, and they looked like piranhas eating anything that fell in the box, but it did cause them to peck and attack eachother more, so that's a no go. Red lights are great, so I just pulled the light way off them, and directed it to the corner of the brood box, and now I have some laid back easy chicks once again.
yeah, white lights do drive them a little nuts if left on all the time. other options are to move the red light further away so they aren't as hot, or you can put it on a timer so that it goes on and off (depending on how hot it is there) I don't know how old they are from your post, or how hot it is, but you might be able to take the light away completely or just have it on at night

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