White Plymouth Rocks and Created Polish Pullets?


Aug 25, 2019
Western Pennsylvania
So I stopped at the other area TSC today and they had some different birds than what the other store had. This store claims to have White Plymouth Rocks and Crested Polish Pullets. Everything else was straight runs which I won't do again after 80% roosters last time. The other store had Americana Pullets which I'm told are just Easter Eggers. My question is are these birds auto sexing, and are they decent breeds? Should I grab/avoid them? Anything I should know about them?

Neither breeds are autosexing.

Polish are ornamental while white rocks are dual purpose (eggs,meat).

My white rock laid everyday.

Polish can be a bit flighty and less calm. White rocks are usually pretty calm.

I’d get the white rocks if you’re looking for eggs/meat.
Sounds like the white rocks are more what I'm looking for. I'm looking for pets/egg layers. I'm not raising anything for meat, chicken is cheap enough at the supermarket. I probably want to avoid the Crested Polish especially if they tend to be mental cases- I've got enough of those around here (and they aren't all animals either ;))! Ornamental doesn't really make a difference to me, a chicken is a chicken.

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