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Sep 6, 2013
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I have a pair of White Sultans. they were hatched June 3rd. I was at the fair a few weeks ago and found out that there are only about 4,000 of them in the world. Sooo now we are thinking we should breed them. What do you think? I'm trying to find out if there is a reason that there are so few. I know they have tiny eggs things like that. Would it be a good idea to breed them? Not sure what to do. I love ours. The female is my daughters and the male is my sons. The hen is one of my most friendliest hens I have. No the kids have not named them but I'm about to. and no they are not laying as of yet. the Roo is starting to get a good crow tho. Any thoughts on this?
We have 5 3mth old Sultans and I have absolutely fallen in love with the breed...So docile and sooooooft!!!...They love to jump on my knee or shoulder and let me pet them...

One of my favorite pics!

And another I like! (Lakenvelder in background)

I'm not sure what sex any of them are yet...My wife thinks we have 2m 3f Sultans, only difference I see so far are minor crest differences...
it is kind of funny but at first the two white sultans didn't bond with each other, but now at 17 weeks the Roo looks out for the hen. lol lol they pretty much stay together. and He has finally started crowing. lol so cute. I love it when they crow. I leave my bedroom window up all year long just to hear the Roos crow. I think I will let them breed at lest once to see what happens. Maybe someone will want them. I so want to keep the breed alive and going. My daughters hen I call Momma for no reason at all it just fits I guess is the most gentle hen I have. she doesn't come to me but she likes to be held and snuggles up to me. the Roo no name yet runs but not to fast. he doesn't mind being held either. Love the face of the Roo once they get the evil looking mask on. lol I am so happy the kids wanted them. otherwise I would not have gotten them. I am all about the eggs. well and the fact that chickens are great at getting rid of depression. I mean who can be depressed with chickens running around them. jumping on backs for rides when you lean over even my Roo Dinner who chases me. lol I love them all.

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