Who am I?


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Can anyone tell me what / who this is? I am new to chickens, can anyone point me to a good site for identifying breeds? Or does that mainly come from experience?


White ear lobes...not a rock cross.

Polish X leghorn? w/ scaley leg mites on it's left leg.
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Thanks guys, and thanks for pointing out the scaley leg mites I'll get that treated straight away. Do you think my others will have it too? I have a chochin bantam which I have heard can be prone?

Is a mild soapy wash and vasoline considered the best treatment? (not sure what to do about my cochin, can't really put vasoline on her feathery legs can I?)

Also, what's the best way to treat the coop? It's wood, we've only had it a few weeks. It was brand new but could that be where the mites have come from?
I need a quick treatment that is safe for the hens coz we've got no where to move em out to!
WD40? Wouldn't that be toxic? I know you want to kill the mights, but I don't want to harm the bird!

If it were me and I had the choice between being sprayed with wd40 or rubbed with oil I know which I'd choose!!

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