Who cooks duck?


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Okay, I have been telling my grandfather over and over all he has to do is butcher it and put it in the freezer... but he refuses to do so before he gets a tasty recipe... yeah i looked online for a recipe... but Duck Confit is not a very good starter recipe for an old redneck lol. He and I both would probably gag... I mean...
lol So how do YOU cook your duck? Can you fry it? Grill it? Tell me, in your opinion is it tasty? What does it taste like? LOL I know I am nuts
Anywho fellow BYCers I know I will get an answer or two from you I get all my good info here!
I cook duck, we raise Muscovy duck for meat. It is really good, it is not greasy like mallard, or Peking. It is not derived from mallard. We breast the ducks out, and don't pluck the feathers, we just skin it. We cut the meat from the legs and thighs, there isn't much meat there anyway! It is a lot like beef! We grill it. I marinade it in olive oil and season it like I would a steak! My favorite way to grill it is to cut it into bite size pieces and grill it in a grill pan. Serve it on flat bread with a cucumber sauce like a gyro! It is a red meat, and even when it is cooked properly, the juices are red! Cook to only medium it grilling any more and it will be tough! Google roast duck, I'm sure you find a great recipe!
Just a dumb question, please.

I have wondered about the turkey fryers - is it possible to fry a duck that way? I guess I was just wondering since usually when I eat duck (never cooked it myself, tho) it's just too greasy for my taste. Would frying it possible 'dry' it out a bit? I thought I might experiment and try to fry chicken and quail - once I got the courage up to fry something in a fire hazard, that is. lol

2 different methods for 2 different types of duck. Fatty ducks get the skin scored and they are slow roasted to melt the fat out.

Lean ducks are flash cooked and served no more than medium well. Cook like a tender steak. It's nothing like chicken which tastes funky if it is under-cooked.

Home raised and wild ducks are generally lean. Store bought ducks are blobs of fat. My Pekins were gooshy fat until they went outside and with exercise and fresh air, they turned into solid meat with barely any fat.

Recipe for a lean duck

Place a quartered apple and a quartered onion in the body cavity. Roast uncovered until a meat thermometer reads somewhere between medium rare and medium, depending upon your preference. Glaze with a 50/50 mixture of red current jelly and orange juice. Cook until the glaze sets.

For a fat duck, it's about the same, but score the skin, place the duck on a rack in a roasting pan, and roast at a lower temperature to get the fat melted out. Save that fat and toss some fresh potatoes cut into "fries" and oven roast. Duck flavored oven fries are a real treat.

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