Who did this!?


Oct 26, 2018
Greetings! I am looking for some advice and opinions regarding what may have happened to our duck house. A couple of days ago, we found that one fourth of the faux glass window of our commercial duck house was broken. It would be hard for something to get in unless it was very small given a broken window pane, as there are intersecting wooden beams spanning the window, but it was alarming. No ducks were injured. Then my husband screwed some roofing shingles over the window opening. Then yesterday, we found that the house had been broken into, but the ducks were fine. I have included an image of the damage. There is a gate around it as a temporary barrier. We do have two Pygmy goats. My husband believes that they decided to attack the house. I am not so certain, as they are generally docile. In addition, on this particular afternoon, it was rainy, and the goats hate to be out by the duck house in the rain. So what do you think? Rogue goats or a predator?


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