Who else has had a grass impaction?

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    Mar 16, 2013
    I recently lost one of my girls to what turned out to be an impaction of grass in her system. My girls love to graze, but my girl Sparkle must've been eating everything green she could find. I took her to the vet after she suddenly passed away a couple of weeks ago, I had to find out what happened. He opened her up and found a hard ball of leaves and grass that had not digested, but built up over time. Everything she ate after the grass started to build up could not digest. She apparently drank water and nibbled on food, but felt too full to really eat anything. She did not appear to have lost weight, because the bulge from the impaction filled out her stomach/chest area. After burning off all of her muscle, she just simply starved to death. All of animals are like children to me, so I was distraught. This is very hard to distinguish, so if you notice boney legs or not much eating please check her out.
    BTW- she was a Light Brahma
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    Sorry for your loss. Crop impaction is fairly common, unfortunately. Thanks for telling your story.

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