Who has a foodsaver? Is it worth it? Do you like it?

I LOVE my foodsaver
I love mine, but I use the cheaper bags I get at Fleet Farm, They are actually heavier than foodsaver bags, the only thing you need to watch is make sure the top of the bag is dry were you seal it
I am interested in getting one as well.

I would add the questions:

1) Where did you find the best deal on both the Foodsaver and the bags?

2) Which model did you get?
YES! Foodsavers are amazing! Basically, whenever you cook something like meat balls, you make a bunch and put them throught the saver! THen you have easy delicious food whenever. All you have to do is boil them! Also, if you go camping, it's great for that too. My grandfather and his friends used to go hunting in the Blue Mountains, and they would take foodsaver food-like steaks, spaghetti and meatballs, you name it! And omelets come out amazingly fluffy, even with storebought eggs. You break out the eggs, mix them up with whatever you want in the omelets, freeze them(the foodsaver sucks out liquid, so anything with juice has to be frozen first) then food saver them, and boil them when you're ready. One thing you can't do it with is bread. It sucks all of the air out, leaving you with something that often resembles a hockey puck.
Wow, I sound like a commercial don't I!
That is what I would like to know, I had one years ago, and it was such a pain in the butt I sold it at a yardsale, but if you all think they really work for vegetables and meats, then I will reinvest in one!!

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