Who Has Quail Like These??


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Jul 24, 2008
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Okay, so these are Chinese Painted Button Quail?
I've seen quail that are not as brilliantly colored
as these listed as painted buttons.
These in the listing are like the quail we saw at the fair this year.
Talk about love at first sight!

Are there standard colors for button quail? Do I need to get my stock from someone with these colors to reproduce them. I understand the different colors for males/females. I'm looking for some of these quail and I appreciate all the help.

ebay listing:
# 330270873860

or copy/paste this:

Those are standard (original) colored chinese painted quail, yes. Where I come from, they are very brightly colored, just like that but that's South Africa & therefore I can't help with locating them in the US. The other colors might still produce original colored offspring occasionally but if at least 1 parent is original colored, you should get a decent amount of original babies. I'd search the net for breeders.
well there are so many colors for button quails that the standard color isn't really a big deal...I don't really know what you mean...I know any pair of button quails will lay fertile eggs...

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