Who has the BIGGEST egg?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by alaskan_crew, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Jun 5, 2007
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    Just out of curiosity, what breed would tend to have the biggest egg? Is it a breed issue or a matter of age?

    I'm a newbie and recently (yesterday) lost my only 3 Golden Comet pullets to a murderer (neighbor dog). I was told this breed lays jumbo eggs. I replaced these girls with 2 Barred Rock hens and 2 Buff Orpingtons, they are about 2 years old.

    Amazingly, I got 3 eggs today shortly after they came to their new home. 1 of the eggs, I think, would be considered extra large and the other 2 are more of a med/large size. Just wondering if it's an age or breed thing.

    Also, what is the grading system that commercial industries use when they sell eggs. Not planning on selling any but just wondering how I could boast to others about the many benefits of having fresh eggs.

    One other thing, my new hens came from a coop of 50 or 60 chickens. We were raising our pullets to be tame and train them to follow us around the yard. Can you train hens unaccustomed to human interaction to become family girls?

    Ok, 1 more question! Can I really leave my eggs on the counter for weeks at a time?

    Thanks for any inputs, opinions and what have you!
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    I have Golden comets...and they give me the LARGEST eggs ever! I have a few eggs that are so big the egg carton cant be closed! ( good girls) LOL Im so sorry to hear of your loss. My comets are such sweeties, and very comical. I have Buff orps...but they are not laying yet..so I dont know, but I hear they are good large layers. Im sure it has a lot to do with diet, health, and age.
    With your new hens....just use the same words to call them for feed, every day. I call out to mine..babies!!! They come running. They know when I call them, they get a treat. And yes, mine will follow me all over the yard.
    As far as letting the eggs sit on the counter? Hmmm, I know some people do...but I dont. I suppose years ago, when they didnt have refridgeration, that what they did. I just like to be safe. Good luck with your new girls.
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    It's both, actually. My year and a half old Buff Orp, Ginger, usually lays jumbo eggs and almost always has. My other Buff Orp, same age, lays extra large size. It is also an individual thing as well. Two of my RIR hens lay extra large eggs, but one lays a medium egg that isn't even actually brown, more porcelain color. Usually, they do lay larger eggs as they get older. My two Barred Rocks lay large eggs and are over a year old. My friend has Barred Rocks who lay larger eggs than mine, so they can vary. I hear that Golden Comets will produce some extra large to jumbos, but I don't have that breed. I read on a chart that Delawares lay a jumbo egg and my friend Kate has had some whoppers.
    The grading system includes ounces per egg as well as shell color, texture, etc. I used to have a link to it that told about that, but this one does have the weights:
    Yes, you can tame the hens to become more tame; as with all animals, it takes time and patience and goodies.
    Don't know how long you can leave eggs on the counter. I guess it really depends on how hot it is in your house.
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