Who is doing what?

urban escapee

8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Alvin, TX
I have 11 ladies of an age to be laying eggs, and have been consistently getting 6 eggs a day all week.

I know that my light brown eggs are coming from my Australorps and Brahmas. But I am also getting Blue and Dark brown eggs and havent been successful at catching them in the act. Any hints on what these ladies are and which one is doing what?



Do either of the girls you showed have beards, muffs, etc. that would indicate Easter Egger? I don't know much about Marans, except they lay dark brown eggs. Maybe someone else can see a bit of Maran in one of your girls???
Hmmm, no obvious beards/muffs. I do have one EE that doesn't have a beard though. She actually looks a lot like your "striped" one.

Unless someone with more experience can comment you might just have to watch and see if you can catch someone in the act. For now consider yourself lucky to have such a pretty variety of eggs. I'm jealous!
The one in the top picture is an EE and likely your green layer - they do come in beardless/muffless varieties.
Don't know about the second one...kinda looks like a BO, but I don't think they're known for dark eggs.
The striped one does seem to be more of the typical Easter Egger color. I'm guessing she is responsible for the blue egg. Maybe the second one is a mutt crossed with Welsummer? Very pretty eggs!!!!!


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