Who laid THIS egg?? *pic*


11 Years
Jan 28, 2008
Philomath, Oregon
Somebody plopped this little tiny egg right on the floor of the coop. I almost missed it! At first, I wondered what other kind of bird might have been visiting! I don't have much history on the hens in my coop, as I just recently adopted them, but I understood the youngest is a year old. Out of the 10 of them, I'm getting about 8 eggs a day. I'm assuming this means that one more is joining the ranks of an egglayer soon?? I had never seen an egg like this one before from a production red, but I'm keeping it!

You will see all sorts of strange anomolies while raising your own chickens. They do have the ability to surprise me even after all of these years. LOL
I found one like that once from an EE. It could not have been much bigger than a dime. I got a huge doubleyolk maybe a triple yolk today from one of my EEs it makes a my pekin duck eggs look puny.

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