Who needs a Road Island Roo to help with the eggs?


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Mar 18, 2011
I have 3, yes 3, roo's. Two of these guys need new homes. They are 9 months old. I am in Allen, Texas.
You should probably post in the thread below rather the incubating section.


Roosters given away will likely be eaten. If you want them to be used for breeding, charge real money for them.
Sorry to be a bummer but that is the reality of so many unneeded cockerels hatched.

I tried to sell some cockerels recently (though I have been successful in the past).
With no takers, I processed 3 this morning. Only 7 to go.

I would much rather eat the birds I raised and cared for than give them away to be eaten by someone else.
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Thank you! How old do you wait to process them? I wouldn't mind them on my green egg.
In reality they can be processed at any age.
About the time they start crowing or 18 weeks as a general rule. After that age they won't get much bigger.

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