Who to house with who? Geese, ducks, turkeys, quail


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
I have some turkey eggs on their way (which i'm very excited about!), and i'm wondering who I could house them with if they hatch.

I have ducks, chickens, quail, and geese. Currently the ducks live with my Buff Orpingtons and everyone gets along fine. They are in a huge covered coop with a wading pool and a barn, but there's only 8 chickens and 3 ducks in there. Behind it is another large area that just wants a cover putting on it and some kind of shelter. Currently nobody lives in there, and my husband has said he can put a pond in. I was wondering whether I could house my geese and turkeys together, or ducks with geese and chickens with turkeys. Then there's the quail LOL. I think I will keep them with my Sultans, they have a coop with four wire sides and a tin roof (a converted horse shelter). Is this a good idea? I have a horrible rooster in there.

Then there's the predator question. Would I need to cover that area if I have geese and/or turkeys in there? The sides are about 6' tall, it's an old corral made of 8"x4" wood and covered with wire. We have red tailed hawks, coyotes, most likely raccoons although we never see them, skunks, very occasionally golden eagles.

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