Who was looking for a Muscovy hen? (just a while back around WA)


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Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
Someone on here was looking for a Muscovy hen around WA not long back, I just can't remember who! Well to whoever it was, I have finally decided to sell one of my Blue Fawn girls, shes around 8 months old now & has been breeding. I have not advertised anywhere yet, would prefer to find a good BYC home for her. Just PM me if you were still interested, I cannot remember if you were looking for a specific color or not, sorry.

Anyway, here is "Fatties Girl #2"...



(in the front)

Please don't move this Admin, i just wanna find the person that was needing a girl. I will post after they find me or if they dont.
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I am not that person, but if whoever it was doesn't want her, I might be interested. However, I live in the Roseburg area of Oregon, so I don't know if we could make it work or not. But I am looking for a female Muscovy, about that age, and I don't care what color. Just thought I'd mention it.
Thank you, I will let you know if i don't hear from them in a few days. I did just list her on the local CL tonight for $20 but will drop the price some if a BYC'er gets her. I am more interested in a good home, she's a sweetie.. even since she's been free ranging she still lets me touch her and will eat out of my hands
The trio of them(they're sisters) come up on the porch all the time looking for the dog food too, very funny girls.
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I was looking for a pair, but I know there were some others on here. I found a pair though, and that's a bit far to drive right now. Otherwise........
She's very pretty!

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