Who Will Have Some Interesting Mutts in July?


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Jul 27, 2008
Right now my incubators are full, chick hatches due the end of the month. I would like to be put on a list for mutt hatching eggs in July.
I had planned on buying more this month but ran out of space in the 'bators and money.
I had others contact me but couldnt buy from as many as I would have LIKED to. I did end up buying another incubator just for duck eggs and have room in there but when I tried to hatch ducks and chicks together last year,it failed miserably so not doing that again.
Hoping by spring of next year, I will have my own fertilized eggs! Most of mine are mixes(I guess you can tell I LOVE the mixes!) but I also have quite a few silkies from great parents and just got some cream brabanter eggs.
My incubating skills are getting a LOT better but its always a gamble.
My daughters now appear to be converted hatch-a-holics and chicken lovers...what have I done,lol????????????
You can post to this thread, pm or e-mail me, whatever you prefer.
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Hey Mags! I always have mutt eggs, but are you sure you want to have eggs shipped in July? It's getting pretty warm out there! If you do
Mine are very mixed

I have some LF hens running around the yard, with a BB Red phoenix roo and some bantam EE roos. The hens are (some pure, some mixed) RIR (2), black cochin (1), white cochin (1), SLW (1), black astrolorp (1), BR mix (1), and 2 big buff colored hens of unknown breed. I think they are some type of sex-link, but I'm not sure. Anyway, all the hens are LF, and the phoenix roo is LF. There are 3 EE bantam/splash dutch mix roos, and even an EE bantam/BB Red phoenix LF mix roo (very pretty!!). I'd make you a deal on them, we just use them for eating. I try not to have any more mutts than I already do!!
The shipping would depend on how many you want, to your zip. Too bad you don't want them now, as I have 4 duck eggs sitting on the counter with no where to go!!
Let me know if you're interested!

BTW, there probably wouldn't be any bantams, most of them are broody. I kid you not, I have at least 18 or 19 hens on eggs or with chicks right now!!
I am in IL, so not to far of a travel. Everything in my sig runs together except the silkies. How ever I do have PQ silkies roos running with the rest of the flock.
Sigh. When I have the egg money the incubators fill up fast.

As far as July, what I would like to do is wait and see how warm it is here then. Today is the first really warm day we have had except for a couple days in May.
PMs sent.
I don't know how interesting mine are, but I get mutt eggs every day.
I have a test batch in the bator on day 14, so you hopefully could see what you might get in the next week or so.

For hens, I have (all LF):
1 ISA Brown
2 BA
4 PR

For roos (also LF):
1 BA
3 Cochin- 1 Buff and 2 Blue

I also have 22 17 week pullets I'll be integrating in the next couple of weeks. I don't know exactly when they'll start laying or when their eggs will be big enough to incubate, but the breeds are mostly different from the hens, so the mix possibilites will be much greater.

If I can remember them all, they are:

1 Partridge Rock
1 BA
3 ISA Brown
1 Buff Brahma
1 Light Brahma
3 BO
1 Buff Rock
3 PR
1 EE

Yes, my yard is very colorful.
I'll have some mutts!
Okay, I ALWAYS have mutts
Mine aren't that interesting....but....I've got some OEGB mutts - blue hen, black hen, what looks like a BB red leghorn (but it's not
) roo, and a mealy grey looking roo. AND I've got some sex-link/RIR mutts. 4 sex-link hens, and a sex-link/RIR mix roo.
The banties lay a very light brown egg, and the others lay a darker brown egg.
Well, they all sound interesting to me!
Thats the problem with being a hatch-a-holic.
But I am getting a great start for my barnyard. LOOKS like(fingers crossed) we will be moving to western Indiana before the beginning of the next school year.
How old should the pullets be before trying to hatch their eggs? Mine are 20 weeks and are just now starting to lay eggs...the eggs are tiny. Will they be a bigger size and ready to incubate in a month? I'm such a newbie when it comes to eggs and hatching!

Anyways, my Roos are:

1 Rhode Island Red
1 Black and Gold Sizzle (frizzle feathers, black skin, 4 toes, single comb)
1 White Silkie

And my Girls are:

2 Buff Orp
1 Rhode Island Red
2 Ideal 236 White Leghorns (my friendliest birds, sit in my lap)
2 Danish Brown Leghorns
2 Easter Eggers (pretty green eggs)
1 White Silkie

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