Whole flock is at risk


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
My coop has been hit with an illness and it looks like might lose most if not ally birds. I noticed one of my Swedish flower hens looking sluggish on Sunday and by Tuesday she was dead. Whatever she had is now spreading through my entire coop. Stoms are as follows: birds are listless, rump feathers a puffed up into a bump. Tail is pointing down and wings are drooping. Birds are just sitting on their perches not moving around. No other outward signs. The birds are mixed species from 18-24 weeks up to 30 weeks. Had several that just started laying but stopped 2 days ago. No one has been in contact withy birds but me. I was at the feed store on Saturdayorning. I treated the coop and birds for mites 3 weeks ago by bombing the coop and then putting powdered permethrin in. The wood shavings. I have not checked for mites since but haven't noticed any outward signs of an infestation. The birds are kept inside 24/7. I changed their food to a product called feather fixer 2 weeks ago, I be had chickens for three years and have not had any significant disease issue until now. Any insight from the forum would be appreciated.
I don't know, but I would get a necropsy done asap if you can if you have any more die. I would suspect whatever you used to bomb it with, but hard to say.
Was a flea bomb... Took all the birds out, let the coop air out and then replaced the litter. Read the label and there was no warning for birds or other pets
Try treating with Corid for 5-7 days for coccidiosis. 2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp powder per gallon of water is the dose. New birds or visiting the feedstore can bring in new strains of cocci (9 strains in all.)

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