Whoot first hatched babies of the year for me!

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  1. I got another flock of silkies this year - started off with 3 adult hens and a roo that I was given by a friend who was moving - back in April. So after they got moved to their new 'fuzz bucket express coop' I finished building for them they finally got settled in. I have 2 hens who are broody - one had 6 eggs under her from all 3 adult hens, and now today - I was starting to worry they weren't going to hatch - Sunday was their day to hatch if I remember right, but I go out a bit ago and check and hear peeping that isn't the 5 weekers...Look under my white hen with the 6 silkie eggs and sure enough she's gone one little black baby who's all nice and dried off and a grey baby who was JUST out of the shell. 3 other eggs are pipping and the 6th I had thrown out Sat. cause it was turning grey - and was obviously dead. SO - [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I'm excited. will get pics after the other eggs hatch mama wasn't happy about me mucking with her now that she has babies!
  2. Congratz on your new babies! [​IMG]
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    Woo hoo!!!

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