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My duck eggs are coming next week, and I also have chicken eggs to set. I'm using the Sportsman 1502 incubator and have had 2 excellent chicken hatches the past two weeks (98-100%). The humidity averages (without the wick pads) 43-46% the first 18 days. With one wick pad, it averages 58-59% the last 3 days which has hatched perfect chicks. The temp is pre-set and ranges from 99.5 to 100 degrees.

I know that duck eggs need higher humidity, but I'm afraid if I incubate the whole time with one wick pad I might hurt the chicken eggs. Worst case scenario I could put the duck eggs in the LG but I'm afraid.

What to do?
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You can mist the duck eggs everyday after day 4 to help them out with the humidity. A lot of people hatch chicken and ducks together, me not being one of them (yet). But since ducks are always wet, I would think you could set the duck eggs on a wet washcloth or towel for the hatch, that would help to soften the membranes some.


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my first hatch was australorp and runner ducks at the same time. I later realized that my LG humidity was just about what your is (I did not have anything but the little plastic thermometer that came with it but by the next hatch I had gotten the right thermometer and saw what my real numbers were) Anyway things worked out fine. 8 out of 13 were healthy ducklings and only one needed help, the 9th duck and it was deformed and had to be culled.

Based on that I think you are fine as it and probably don't need to mist them. I would however put the duck eggs as close to the water source as possible for maximum humidity.


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I've incubated ducks & chicken eggs together. I kept the temp. at 99 and didn't worry too much about humidity. I didn't have any problems.


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You can just run your humidity about 45-55% for the first 18 days until the chickens come out, or you can put a warm, DAMP, washcloth over the duck eggs. I've done both and had excellent results either way.


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Oct 15, 2007
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Thanks all - I'll quit panicking and give it a try. I like the ideas of misting them and the damp washcloth. I do have those Handi-Wipes that are kind of like a cheesecloth with the holes, so I'm thinking if I put those over the duck eggs and kept misting, the air will still circulate ok.

Great ideas - keep them coming!


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would set the eggs the same with your past setting. no change mist the duck eggs will raise your humidity,and could hurt your chicken hatch, i have set water fowl with chicken and pheasant.

Just see how they do with your setting,you know you get good hatch on the chicken, just see what you get on the duck, you can raise the humidity after the chicken hatch.

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I'm so glad this question was asked

I too just put Call Duck eggs in with my Bantam eggs and was wondering about the Humidity as well.
I'm a newbie to Duck Egg hatching and had questions too.

I have seen conflicting statements on this i now know i can safely keep my humidity where it is 45%.

I do have a question about when i remove my bantam eggs to a hatcher i bought a little giant to use as a hatcher.
Do i stop turning the Duck eggs 3 days before they hatch?

I will use the damp wash cloth when should i start useing that?

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