Who's prettier? Please help us decide

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  1. We had DannyBoy in another thread, couldn't decide if he was pretty or ugly. Well now its come up that his brother "Baby" is becoming our favorite. What do you think?
    Here's "Baby" (hatched August 28th) up high and DannyBoy (hatched Sept 15) in front:

    "Baby" foraging, his golden neck feathers seem like glitter:

    DannyBoy with his elegant"doopy" feathers all droopy all over the place. He's luminescent, it doesn't seem to show when I take a pic. He kind of shines, like a white opal from white to blue.

    We're thinking of giving up DannyBoy to a re-home if we're to keep a rooster. He's very, very pretty, but "Baby" actually takes care of the hens.
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  2. key west chick

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    May 31, 2008
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    I like Baby. I love the gold in his hackles!
  3. NewHopePoultry

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    Apr 9, 2007
    DannyBoy steals my heart! I would take him in a heart beat
  4. Thats what DS says. He needs a better name than "Baby". He was the first to hatch. He's a pretty good pet bird, but he looks like a decoration on a shield of armor:
  5. Mahonri

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    Danny. Wow

  6. draye

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Both are pretty, but you have to decide which one to keep. Do you want to breed the gold in the hackles on or do you want to get rid of the gold?
    What are they? Silkie Sumatra cross?
  7. RhodeRunner

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    Feb 22, 2009
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    They both are handsome boys. I personally like the looks of Danny more, However, I suggest that you keep the rooster that you, your family, and the hens like the most.
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  8. muddyhorse

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    why not keep both ? most of my pens have multiple roos. an heir and a spare [​IMG]
  9. AinaWGSD

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    They're both really pretty, but I think I like Baby a little more. And if he's better with the hens, I'd pick him for that reason too. But the real question is what are you looking for in a rooster? Are you looking to breed towards a goal? Does Baby meet the physical needs for that goal? Are you just looking for a flock guardian with the potential to hatch a few cute fuzzy chicks now and then? Do you just want a rooster for the ambiance?

  10. Quote:We simply hatched chicks to make our Silkie hen happy, she was always broody and soooo sad, even sitting on invisible eggs most the time. My sister-in-law has a farmette by Wisconsin, she said we should let the broody hatch some chicks and she'll take whatever we don't want when the Silkie hen is through. She and I may even figure out how to eat any unwanted roosters who have nowhere else to go. They have a dark blue Silkie dad and a black Rosecomb mom.

    Here's a YouTube video of Chloe soooo very happy with her chicks!

    So far, they all spar for fun and sometimes get a bloody little ding in the wattle or cheek, but the head rooster breaks them apart before it gets too bad, or they'll break up each other. They seem to get along OK, but that may not last much longer, so we're trying to figure that "Heir and a Spare". DH likes an all black one, he irridesces purple/blue/turquoise with his dad's mulberry comb and the rosecomb's big white earlobes, he's OK looking but a very good rooster for the hens, and a nice pet. Then "Baby" wins the good roo award 2nd place, he's just not AS fast to take care of a hen. DannyBoy is mostly concerned with getting picked up and petted. And mating. He's all about himself.

    But DannyBoy is a very, very tame and docile little bantam roo. I bet some kid could win show ribbons with him. He'd probably learn to type his name if somebody took the time with him.
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