Whose eggs are whose?!


6 Years
Jun 1, 2013

So this is what I encountered when I walked into my coop today. I have two rouen hens and with a drake, a silkie hen with a rooster, and four laying hens. Three of those laying hens are pullets. I am trying to figure out whose eggs are whose. I assume the small brown egg is either my silkies' or could it be my pullets? And do rouen ducks lay blue eggs like in the picture. So far none of the birds are sitting on the eggs. I know I could collect and eat all of the eggs, but I am hoping my silkie or ducks will start sitting on eggs and I don't want to collect the wrong ones and screw everything up! haha Thanks for any help, I am new to this whole bird thing!

Here is a close up of the mystery small brown egg and my laying hen's normal egg.
Silkies usually lay small light brown eggs, Rouens lay almost white to bluish/green eggs, what your laying hens lay would depend on what breed / mix they are. Silkies go broody pretty often, so one of them may decide to sit the eggs sooner or layer. No idea what the rouens will do this late in the year.
You might want to collect and either eat or store the real eggs to hatch later and put a few fake eggs down instead. That was if one goes broody you could give real eggs back to her, but you are not wasting them waiting in case nobody decides to go broody. If you want to store eggs to hatch, the easiest thing to do is store them in a cool dark place big side up in an egg carton at around 60*, put a big book or a piece of 2x4 under one side of the egg carton and switch sides a couple of times a day, I would keep them a week or so (or however many eggs you want to let them try to hatch) and just use the older ones as you switch in new ones, remember to mark the date on the eggs.

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