Why am I hearing...........

Goodness...I don't think I even know what pouring sand sounds like, but I'm sure it's not normal! I think you should see a doc, also!!
BP checked out OK it was only 110/78. My family doctor is not in today and will be going on vacation.

Took an pain killer, wondering if it could be my allergies acting up.

Not only tired, but muscles are crampy. Side effects from cholestrol meds, statin.
I'm a person who does a lot of home remedies, treatments, etc... BUT that one sounds like a going to the doc kind of situation to me, esp. with the medicine and the other symptoms (even if they are possible side effects).
I looked up side effects of Statin and found this:

Call your doctor right away if:

•You have muscle problems like weakness, tenderness, or pain that happen without a good reason, especially if you also have a fever or feel more tired than usual
•You have allergic reactions including swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing, which may require treatment right away
•You experience nausea and vomiting
•You pass brown or dark-colored urine
•You feel more tired than usual
•Your skin and whites of your eyes get yellow
•You have stomach pain
•You have an allergic skin reaction
Was working in the garden yesterday, was feeling fine.

I dont have all those symptoms that you mentioned except for muscle cramps and tireness. Nothing else.

Ate two bananas and two cups of watered down gaterade and it eased up a bit. I hate to go back on possatisum pills. Those were nasty and had more side effects than before so I got off of it.

Noticed my ear tubes down on my neck is sensitive and swollen......I hope I am NOT heading into another ear infection or sinus infection. I had it cleared up about three weeks ago on antibotics, Claritin and pain killers. I'll be DARNED if I am to get another one!
PMd you.

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