why and when would hatching egg explode?

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    May 2, 2011

    i just want to avoid to scenario as i know it's not funny nor wholesome nor something to look forward to.
    i remembered it happened to me many many many moons ago when i was a small kid.
    i have 59 quails eggs in my DIY styrofoam incubator, in a lockdown state. doing this for the first time. i did not candle.
    eggs were shipped. i don't expect to hv flying marks as far as hatching rate is concerned, and if i end up with a few live babies, i'll be overjoyed.
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    Hatching eggs explode when one of the eggs dies then rots. The gas pressure builds up inside until the shell bursts which creates an immediate crisis that has to be dealt with then and there.

    Shipped eggs are notorious for poor hatch rates. You really should candle at day 7-10 and then just before you put them into the hatcher to eliminate the quitters and clears otherwise you're taking an awful chance of a stinkbomb. That rotten egg smell can be very difficult to get out of Styrofoam.
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    If you smell the incubator every day an throw away any that start to smell rotten you wont have any explode.

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