Why are my chickens attacking my other pets?

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  1. I asked in forum only 3 or so weeks back on how to stop my cat from going after the chickens. Now the tides have changed and my chickens keep trying to attack my cat. They are also going after my guinea pigs, where they use to roam free around the yard (which is huge) to just roaming to a small corner, where they can escape those pesky chickens easily. I also have an aviary with canaries and button quail, and they even try to go for them too (they can't get them, but it scares them). They corner my little dog, but she is not scared of anything and fights her way out. HELP!!!
    Is there anything I can do about this problem?
    The only good thing is they have scared the indian minors away,
    My darn, freaky, scary chickens even fight each other. Everyone says they are all girls on here, but they act like a group of bulling boys on a school yard rampage.
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    A squirt bottle is a great training tool. When you see behavior you don't like TAKE AIM AND FIRE!!
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    Yup, squirt bottle works GREAT! Get one that really squirts the distance, read somewhere (BYC) a squirt gun (may have an even farther reach). I got my 6 pack to stop picking on my potted plants but then they started in on those in my yard. So I got pin wheels that I posted around the area, it's been 6 days and they haven't touched my plants. Adds deco to the yard...
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    When my hens have youngsters , they will take on the dog, the cat and even a goat. Just hope yours are as brave when a predator comes looking.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am sorry for late reply, but life gets hectic sometimes. I discovered they don't like the broom and just waving it around has done the trick and they are attacking less and less now. Also my cat has found high spots around the place to get away from them altogether. My guinea pigs still duck for cover when the chickens come around their free ranging territory. Now I am just hoping for some eggs now they are 24 weeks old.
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    Every now and then a possum gets in to my coop. The hens give her a flogging. When I go over in the morning there are tufts of possum fluff all over the shop. And possum asleep in the nest box. You should be getting eggs any day now.
  7. I hope so. I think those three are playing with me. Probably when I stop caring anymore if they lay or not, they will lay.

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