Why are my ducks not laying?


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8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
Swannanoa, NC
4 weeks ago, we brought home our Khaki Campbells and Silver Appleyards...and not a single egg yet. Some are juveniles, and so I assume haven't started laying yet, but several are mature and I was told are excellent layers (by the woman we bought them from). Any guesses on why no one is laying yet and what we can do about it?

We are feeding waterfowl pellets plus they have access to lots of forage in the creek and pond, they seem settled in their house, and they are outside from about 8 am to 8:30pm every day. High temps have been in the mid-80s in the past week. I just mention those things in case feed and daylight might be factors.

Do we need to use dummy eggs? Any other suggestions?

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