why are some of them ginormous and some are tiny?*Now with Pics!*

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sparkles2307, May 19, 2009.

  1. sparkles2307

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    We got the 100 roo chick deal fm Cackle. The chicks are 17 days old now. I am pretty sure that the majority of the red ones are RIR, but there are several with just flat red feathers coming in with not a speck of black of tan anywere. These ones are VERY small compared to the RIR chicks. The BR and Aussies are in the middle on the scale between my massive RIR and the teeny brown/red ones...and the white/yellow ones are 50/50 as well with some being massive and some being petite. Is it normal for one breed to have such a size difference in same-age chicks? I just find it odd that all my black chicks are uniform in size, but the red and white ones have such extremes. The package deal was for egg laying breed roosters, and no one has the thick cornish x legs so I doubt that we got any of those by mistake. It just weird cause I remember our chicks growing at about the same rate when I was a kid... is this normal?
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  2. sparkles2307

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    really no one else has chicks that grow at different rates?
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    I have never ordered chicks from a hatchery, but I do hatch alot here. It sounds to me like the reds may be different breeds. Maybe get some pics.
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    Could they have sent bantam roos as well? If you're using them for meat that would really suck. [​IMG]

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    Dang I thought about pics last night too, I should have taken a few!
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    Quote:I dont think so, it said they were large breed.... but they always have so many left over egg laying breed roos that they were giving these away for next to nothing. The smaller ones are still far and away larger than my 3 week old bantams so I dont really think thats the case. Iw ill get pics tonight and post them tomorrow [​IMG]
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    I have some hatchery EE's that were really varied in size until about 4 weeks of age when things started to even out. They are all supposed to be pullets. But I had one that was easily 3 times the size of the others until they reached 4 weeks. Then the others caught up. I hope the big one lays great big eggs!

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    I have eight baby chicks and i bought them at the local stock sale and they all turned out different sizes. They aren't all the same breed. They are about a month old and one is huge, which one looks like a baby chick. Hope this helps =]
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    I will get some pics tomorrow. Maybe that will help me figure out WHAT I have too, its kind of fun doing the mystery thing but I am the woman who made the doctor sonogram me before 20 weeks just to see if we could tell what I was having before the 5 month mark....so waiting isnt working for me...!

  10. hope you get the roo thing straight, but I just wanted to add that we do an u/s at 12 weeks to peek and see what we see, and we found out about 2 of our boys at 12 weeks!! We waited until birth with my 3rd, but calling her "it" for 9 months didn't work for me, plus I had a STRONG intution that she was a girl, so I wasn't even surprised!

    Let us know about your "gender issues"--hee hee![​IMG]

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