Why are standard OEGs so expensive?


12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
Any hatcheries that I have found that have these are wanting at least $8 each! Then their bantam OEGs are $2-$3 each. Why?
Maybe because they're more rare (for people who dont use them for fighting). I mean, if you go to a show you see millions of the bantam OEG but maybe only a couple if any of the large OEGs.
It is all supply and demand. For example, we have dun wyandottes, alot of people want them so we have lots and sell them for cheaper. When they were still rare, we sold them for way more. It is rare to see standard olg english at shows, and when I do, they look like cross breds to me. I would say to buy some chicks and preserve a rare breed, it will be worth it in the end.
I already placed my order and ordered the bantam OEGs, because they had a lot more variety. Besides, I don't have a good pen to keep the OEGs in, these will be running with the rest of my flock. Thanks for the replies all, I have just been wondering about that.
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