Why are the newbies olds wanting to lay in the water?

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    Jul 27, 2008
    I have 4 newly hatched chicks...I have an anstray with some water and marbles in it. (I dont smoke - it was a bowl for new born puppies - Maltese) I put a little water and some marbles but why are the newborn chicks wanting to lay on top of the marbles in the water....should I take it out and put it back in tomorrow....? I put a little chick starter in the bottom of the brooder and then the astray with marbles and water and they are trying to lay in the astray....I dipped their beaks in the chick starter that I got from mcCmurray and they only took a wee sip...what should i do?
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    thepetpaw -

    I would suggest going to the feed store and purchasing a small water and a small feeder with the red bottom for the water for your new arrivals.

    When my 1 day olds arrived, they went straight to the red bottom water feeders for something to drink and started eating out of the small feeder.

    Take the ashtray and marbles out... I think they think it is someplace to roost even at that age. For the evening leave it in with the marbles... this way they won't fall in a drown, but purchase a better water source for them.

    Maybe someone else with more experience will post, but thes are my experiences that may help.

    Leave a better water source in there box... they do need it day and night.

    Good Luck!
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    Quote:They make a small waterer that a pint thru quart jar fits on,that would be perfect for just a few chicks.
    Did you dip their beaks in starter or the water?If they were just hatched they may go awhile before they eat.It through me when you said "sip"
    I have never seen chicks sit on marbles like that,but I don't use them either.If they aren't drinking too soon try a little sugar in the water, keep dipping their beaks til they find it on their own.If they are not eating soon sprinkle some of your food on a newspaper in their booder so they can learn the difference between their bedding and their food. Will
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