Why are the white chickens always getting poop on themselves?!


6 Years
Jun 3, 2013
Los Angeles
I have 9 chickens that are reaching 2 months now. 1 BR, 2 BO, 2 EE, 2 australorp, and 2 golden comets. MOst of them are a different shade of brown, besides the barred rock, australorp, and one easter egger. I know that chickens get poop on themselves from time to time, and have maybeee little tiny specs on them. Although my easter egger is just.. I dont know anymore LOL He's white, and im always having to bath him when he was younger. Now that hes a lot bigger.. i know he wont be enjoying baths as much because even before he didnt really liek them. Now that theyre all roaming around my backyard...everyday he has new poop stains on him. His tail, his head, his wings, his back. I wanna bathe him, but i dont like how im having to "force" it on him because he doesnt like it. Does he have a poop fetish? WHat do i dooooo
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