Why are two of my hens getting bullied?


Oct 17, 2019
I had two broody hens and whenever they would come out for food and water, the other hens would peck them. Now they have come out of being broody but the other hens are still pecking them. It’s only those two that are being pecked. They do get water and food, the other hens don’t peck them away but whenever one of them gets close to another hen, they get chased and pecked. . Also, if I saw a hen chasing one of the “bullied” ones, I separate them for about 5 minutes in a little house but I don’t think that does anything. Is there a way to stop this because they can’t do anything without another one chasing them and they are scared to go near them.


May 24, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA
My Coop
I had a hen attacked (not just pecking) another hen constantly. I added more feeders and waterer out in the run (i have 3 of each for 6 hens). I also put the bullying hen in pinless peepers for a week. We took them off 3 days ago now, and she has been much better! If she starts acting up again, back in them she goes!

Make sure to get the peepers with the comb section cut out so they fit around her comb.

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