Why aren't my daughter's chickens laying eggs?


Aug 3, 2016
I bought 12 chicks several months ago. We kept 6 and gave 6 to my daughter. Ours started laying eggs randomly this month (on schedule) but her's are not laying at all? My grandchildren are very disappointed - someone please give us suggestions!
There is a huge range of factors that affect laying - weather, stress, and feed are a few of the common ones. Check what's different in her flock from your flock, and you may find out why hers are not yet laying.
More info please. Are they all the same breed? What breed/breeds? What are they eating? What are the living arrangements? What kind of space do your daughters chickens have?

Could be they just need a little more time, but having a clearer picture of what their daily lives look like will help in determining if there is anything going on

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