Why can't my ducks all get along??


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Aug 11, 2007
We have had our two call drakes with two call ducks and one runner duck for the summer with no problems but now the young drake keeps chasing off the older drake. Why is this? can you not keep two drakes together? do we not have enough girls?


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Mar 7, 2008
Ducks are just like chickens in that you only need one male for so many females. Two males to three females is way too low a ratio, though it -can- work in some flocks. Each duck makes his own decision as to whether or not he likes the other males he lives with.

Since ducks are extremely social animals, your older drake will either move to the fringes of the flock and be tentatively accepted or he'll get fed up with the bullying and will wander off to groove with your chickens, turkeys, or other animal.

As long as blood isn't being shed it may not be a huge deal if the behavior just started. If the young drake finally took a notice of the girls he'll go crazy trying to assert himself as top drake in the flock. Once that happens things may settle down.

Either way, you may want to think about getting a few more ducks to go into your flock. The girls may become a little worn out from the drake's advances. Another couple ducks will help spread the love around and make it less, well, constant


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Jan 23, 2008
northeastern massachussetts
Not sure about your type of duck but, we had the same problem last fall with our mallards.We had 2 male and 2 female who were raised together and lived together all year with no problems at all until october hit then bam! The males started fighting something firece and would not stop no matter what we did.Mating season oct - mar.Yuk! We finally seperated them 1 male and female in one pen far away from the other male and female in another pen.Which worked out fine.This year we are faced with another problem those ducks babies who are now into the mating season and starting to show signs.The females get along fine with each other.hope this helps!

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