Why did my eggs go bad? White globs in eggs


12 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Hi everyone,

Yesterday, for the first time in 4 years, I had a someone call me and tell me I sold him a bad egg. He cracked it and it stunk to high heaven.

I was horrified and surprised. I figured maybe it had an unnoticed fracture that let bacteria in and made the egg go bad.

Later that day, I myself got a bad egg. His egg and mine were both blue, so I think they are coming from the same hen (we have a mixed flock).

My egg did not smell very bad (I ran it out of the house quickly), but the yolk was broken (almost like it was pre-scrambled) and there were a lot of bits of white in the white. The bits that looked like tiny bits of butter floating in the egg.

My question to you is, what makes an egg go bad? Not get old, but actually go bad?

Could I have a sick chicken?

What do I do to put an end to the bad eggs?

Thanks for any guidance.
I'm going to answer my own question here.

The fella from the feed store told me that they must have just been missed and sat out in the hot sun. It's been 104 here for about 3 months. It's possible that I just missed these two eggs. What tipped him off were the white chunks and grey albumin. He said that egg was partly cooked in the heat and then when I brought it in, it stopped cooking and stewed in bacteria.

That's it. Mystery solved.
Can anyone tell me why my eggs are prescrambled lately when we crack an egg. No smell, just looks scrambled as if the yoke had no border.

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