Why Did No One Tell Me…


May 18, 2020
SW Louisiana
…That turkeys are so comical (and mischievous)?

Around a month ago I was gifted a single Black Spanish turkey and had zero clues about what it entailed. I know the forum says that turkeys learn by observation, but I had no clue how true that was. My chicks taught her how to drink while I taught her how to eat. They taught how to coexist in a group and I taught how to interact with people. She’s come a long way from the clueless crier she was the first day.

And yet… Eeyore still has her ‘blonde (brunette?) moments’. She still can’t recognize that the feeder outside actually has food she could have in it (delaying her full transition outside) and looks at me weirdly every time I point it out. She also loves to ‘dust bathe’ on a random pillow or the grass instead of the dust bath box which looks hilarious.

Plus, she has some odd fears (although I can’t talk, with my absolute avoidance of escalators). She gets scared if my mom mimics a turkey gobble and bolts to the older silkies to hide, even though she’s much taller and broader than they are. Day before yesterday I found out she‘s leery of seed sticks and will walk around them slowly while making her ‘alarm’ noise. I’m sure I’ll discover more eventually.

She has a habit of jumping out of the brooder (not knowing how to get back in) and sitting on my rocking chair looking around at everything she could get her eyes on. Which means that I come home 5 outta 7 days to poops on floor, spilt food/water bowls, jealous younger chicks, and a happy turkey trying to communicate with an alarmed green cheek conure who tattles every time.

She’s a character for sure, and more interested in exploring the world and learning things than my chickens are generally. I’m actually certain she recognizes her name, because she consistently looks in my direction when I call it, but doesn’t for anyone else’s name—which is impressive because only two of the chickens can do that so far and they’re a month older.

I wouldn’t have imagined that I would have enjoyed a pet turkey because of the stories I heard growing up, but here I am with one spoiled turkey who loves scrambled eggs, who can’t understand why my ‘body feathers’ change color everyday, and who is sure a ghost turkey is going to get her one day.


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