Why do I need to get 6?!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chantald, May 3, 2008.

  1. [​IMG] I currently have15 chicks, 2 RIRs are for a friend. My kids LOVE these RIRs.. so I thought.. OK, I'll contact the feed store and order 2 more.. let my friend have those and my kids won't have to give up Cutie and Pie. I call the feed store and, yes they are waiting on a big order but I have to take 6 chicks.. not just 2.. why??

    It is a NY thing..?? How can My Back Yard chickens sell 3 chicks via mail and yet I need to walk out of the feed store with 6? (and if I order from MBYC, I still need 5 as I'm more than 1/2 hour away from NYC, so that isn't getting me anything..)

    I just want 2 RIR female chicks!!!

    gosh darn it! :mad:
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    The other three will not be that much of a stretch to add. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    yes I am an enabler. Get the chicks Get the chicks and post pictures too [​IMG]
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    Did you tell them you already have 15? I know some states have rules about how many you can get, but it is usually 3-4 and only if you don't currently have some. Hmmm sorry about your dilemma.
  4. Quote:I think my DH would flip... and I only hav ean 7x8 henhouse
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    6 is the minum number some want you to get.i think its to make sure that your getting them for eggs.an not just a whim for the kids to have chickens.an then get tired of them an get rid of them.
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    this seems to be a thing that some citys or countys have. In the code enforcement thingy in our city , it says that you can not sell chicks younger than 4 weeks and in quantities less than 6 too.its abit of a stupid law. But on the other hand it is not allowed to sell colored chicks and ducks.thats the one good thing. I got around the minmum by going to a different city.

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