why do My Ducks do this?

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I have 9 ducks.5 pekins,2 Khaki Campbells,and one Runner ducks.2 out of the five pekin are boys.Sparta I have had for about 2 or 3 years,Mr.Peepers I have had about a little over a year.

    Sparta has always been the "Lady's man" while Mr.Peepers kept his two mates and that was that.The boys are constantly fighting all the time.And now,Sparta lost his manly touch.He is being bossed around (The pecking order between the two changes every 2 hours),but anyways,Sparta has lots 3 of his females because of the other drake.The females are unloyal,and now he has became aggressive.He shews away his brown female (She's a trader),then his other hen occasionally visits him.He still likes her.But,his favorite pekin hen is being shewed.The runner hen is accepted,but they split up all the time.The other pekin hen use to like Sparta,but he wasn't interested.Is he just trying to keep one female to breed and to tend to?He actually started becoming aggressive with his other pekin hen because she snapped at him (Not sure it's because she had mistaken him for a female?)He is even chasing her around and force mating (he usually only does this to hens who have been favoring Mr.peepers.)He has his Khaki on Trial.She doesn't really quack to Mr.Peepers,but she will for sparta. And she also asks to be mated with,she has never been chased around.Sparta has realized she has been spending time with Mr.Peepers group of gals,and he kinda threw his head at her,(But she and her sister have had that both happen by each drake.)Caramel the other Khaki,also quacks for Sparta,but he still is force mating and being aggressive with her.But,if one drake is mating with hen,once he's done,the other will chase him off.Mr.peepers isn't a fighter,so his only way to be the boss,is to take his chance and chase the other drake off.He will fight him sometimes,but he usually backs down because he knows the results.Sparta is a jumbo drake,and he is not scared to fight (when it comes to it).maybe the drakes are throwing out the "Unloyal" girls?

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