Why do my muffins fall after coming out've the oven?


10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
The look great for the first 5 min, then they shrink.. They still taste good, but why the shrinkage?

Thank-you everyone
After some research, I found these reasons why muffins may deflate:

-over-mixing. Muffin batter should be lightly mixed.
-cooling too quickly. Let them cool in pan for 10 minutes before removing to slow down the cooling time.
-air trapped in the pan when you pour the batter in. Try gently dropping the pan on the counter to chase out the air bubbles before baking.

I've never made muffins from scratch though, so that's just stuff I found online. Good luck!
Thank-you Lemongrass and bigmike

I think my problem after reading this is cooling to quickly.. Most often the get pop out've pan right away, and into freezer to cool off.. My girls want then yesterday after there done licking out the bowl ect.

Thank-you again!!!
Thanks lemongrass and others! Now about over-mixing - my scratch recipe says mix thoroughly. Then, FOLD egg whites that were beaten to soft peaks... Now this is the question, folding those in gently takes quite awhile - could this be the overmixing?

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