Why Do Rooster's Crow?


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My girlfriend asked me this question, as Rusty the BO rooster started crowing at 4:30 AM today...

I really couldn't answer her question and when I started to think about it, it really doesn't make much sense. As chickens are so defenseless and the victims of so many predators, why would a rooster want to announce to the neighborhood..."Here we are, come and get us!!!" Especially considering that most roosters start crowing in the hours before dawn when predators are most active. It seems that from an evolutionary standpoint that a crowing rooster and his flock would be at risk.

So, I wonder why the rooster really crows???
My 22-week-old rooster is crowing continuously right this very moment because he wants me to come out and let him out of the run into the yard. He's spoiled and selfish/mean with the hens, and he hates my guts because I picked him up about a month ago and tried to talk to/bond with him.
hmmmm, very interesting question.... hope someone knows why, now I need to know also !!!!
Some of mine are just starting out.... I find this so far is true.. they crow when they want me for something and I'm in the house

I also find that in the morning, the good crower teaches crowing class to the other two boys who haven't quite gotten it yet. It really does appear as though he's teaching his brothers, and they are not good at it at all.
The boys are in the basement since the coop has no electricty to run their heat. One crowed the other morning and scared the snot out of me! It kinda echoed up the stairs. I hope they improve with time! It was a horrible noise!
Okay, I googled why do roosters crow and every answer is pretty much the same.

They crow to warn any other roosters to stay away from their hens.

They crow if they sense a predator.

They crow if they want food,water etc.

They crow to announce something happening in the coop, even if a hen lays an egg.

They don't just crow in the morning, and its not to wake anyone up.We just notice it more at that time of day.
Its a conincidence that they just wake at daybreak and thats when they crow to warn other roosters to stay away.

They also will crow if they want to mate.

They crow periodically during the day, since the minute they wake as warnings to other roosters or predators that there is a rooster in with the hens and to stay away from his ladies.

So this is what I came up with.
all the answers seem logical to me.
Mine crows to be let out in the morning, crows in the deep dark of early morning, crows during the day, crows after he's been let out...it's not continual, but it is WHENEVER HE FEELS LIKE IT. I kinda like it, i do sleep through it, and the neighbors haven't complained, so i guess it's just fine!

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