Why does a chicken fall over...??

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    And unfortunately it's not a joke ..
    Agnes is a 3 year old silkie; about 2 months ago she had an egg stuck, I did the deed and got it out; she then went down hill and I think she had egg peritonitis, she had 2 courses of antibiotics biotics and amazingly seemed to make a full recovery.. except she never laid any more eggs.

    This past week, she gone down hill, she looks fed up and is wobbly on her feet and falls over.. she is eating and drinking fine.

    I can't feel any more eggs stuck, can't see any mites, haven't wormed them for a while so I'm doing that.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Aggy is my little fave and she such a fighter, I'd be heartbroken to lose her now.
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    Unfortunately with something like Egg Yolk Peritonitis, antibiotic treatment is usually a short term fix at best. Sometimes they do recover for a period of time and then infection and system failure takes over.

    Keep her as comfortable as you can. [​IMG]

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