Why does my duck peck my chicken


Jun 27, 2019
I have two Muscovy ducks and one silkie chicken who grew up together since they were a few weeks old.
They love eachother and get along for the most part but every once in a while one of my ducks will chase and peck our chicken. Our silkie is much smaller than the ducks and pretty skiddish so of course he screams and I am just wondering is this normal behavior for ducks and chickens? I am not sure if the duck is doing it malliciously or simply just nibbling like ducks do and the chicken overreacts? Help pls
I see my ducks nibble on my chickens also. It mostly when the chicken gets to close to treats the ducks are trying to eat. Now I put the treatt in a few spots and it pretty much has stopped happening.
This is still happening :( but mostly only at night it seems like she gets aggrevated and pecks the chicken. Do you think getting another chicken will solve this problem?
Does your chicken roost at night? I house my ducks with my chickens and my chickens roost and stay out of the way of the ducks. My female Muscovy can be pretty hateful about grabbing a chicken when they are hormonal. But my chickens have learned to keep a safe distance. Your chicken def needs a buddy of her own species though.
No, he INSISTS on always sleeping wedged in between the ducks. I think this is when our duck gets annoyed and pecks him. We may try to get another chicken today and see if this helps
We are still unsure about the gender. It’s a 2 month old silkie but we don’t know whether he is a boy or girl yet.
And she is not pecking him bad I don’t think. Just nibbles but he’s pretty skittish so he screams and sometimes she goes for his head since he is so much smaller
Well that's not good going for the head. Yeah I think you may want to get your Silke a friend but It would be nice to if you had plan B and if the ducks still pick on the chickens to maybe have separate sleeping quarters.

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