Why does my hen make this wierd noise?


Diagnosed w/ Muscovitis
10 Years
Feb 7, 2009
Tombstone, AZ
She makes like a sneeze or spitting noise when i get close to her?
Is that a warning? Like get away from me!??! I have never heard it before.

What is she doing!??!?! She better not be sick. She looks healthy as a horse, the fat thing
One of my girls does this. The completely wild, untameable, Jungle Fowl mix. The only time I can get close to her is when she is roosting. When I try to touch her she makes that sneezing/spitting sound. Then she tries to bite! I bet it is a warning of some sort. (Either that, or she's allergic to me LOL.) I'll be interested if you get any other answers.
lol! i will try to get a video of it, she only does it sometimes. its so odd. if i can just keep my big huge roo away from the camera!
Is she sitting on a nest constantly? Could be a, "I'm hatching these eggs and you're not getting them" sound.

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