Why does she lay her eggs here?

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So, today I discover 20 eggs in the wrong place. Everyone else in laying in the nest box. I have one buff who likes to roost right by the tan box on the 2x4 shown in the first pic below. About two weeks ago I accidently locked her in the garage for a day. I found her that evening when I didnt see her on her roosting spot. She was roosting on my my skill saw and had laid an egg by the router on my workbench. Do you suppose she is hopping up there and laying eggs because of that? I have now put netting across so none of the girls can get up there(last pic). Will this help?


i had a hen who laid her egg on a tall rubbermade storage thing everyday..
i gave her (not knowing i did) to a friend she thought it was so funny she would go and drink water and lay her egg right there next to the water..
some have smarts some dont.. i guess.... LOL
That is awesome!! I had to break my girls of laying in a tipped over rubbermade garbage can (being used for raking leaves and composting) but she really liked that spot. After I made it impossible for her to lay there, and she was confined to the coop for a few days, she got the idea.
At point of lay, I keep the pullets inside. No ranging. They have to master the laying box first. Only when I'm satisfied that they have done so do they get to go run outside. I'm too old for Easter egg hunts.

There are some pullets that just prefer more privacy and it may be, just may be that this pullet doesn't sense that adequately with the laying boxes provided. My grandmother used to attach some strips of burlap on a couple of boxes, making them more private. There were some hens that just like that dark, out of the way security.
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