Why does she stand lower?

If they have babies will all of them stand 90 or will just some of them? I like my runners 90 they just look more runner like or at least that's what I think.
I believe it would be somewhat in the middle. Also if they are brother and sister be sure to not inbreed them to much or deformities can occurr.
It's my understanding that ducklings sold as Runners have a range of characteristics, and some look quite un-Runner-like.

Of my eleven, there are varying degrees of uprightness until they're all concerned about something - then they all stand straight up!

But Zehn is quite curvy for a runner, and Einz is a little full-figured, too. Acht and Elf are the most classic Runner types, slender and straight up most of the time, with the rest in between.

There's just some variety. You will likely get a variety of body types, all more or less Runner-looking, from these ducks.

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