why doesn't my male pigeon know how to mate???????

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    i have two pigeons a male and a female, my male pigeon yesterday was trying to get the attention of the female pigeon but the female pigeon would fly away. but earlier today my female pigeon finally likes the male pigeon because she was grooming him and they were kissing. after they were kissing the female pigeon sat down to mate so the male pigeon went on top but did not do anything. he doesn't know how to mate why? my female pigeon keeps sitting down to mate but the male would just look at her and ignore her. i already have a nest for them and materials to make the nest. why doesn't he know how to mate?????
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    @ Rapheal:
    Why do I have a Lesbian pair of pigeons??? (or Gay possibility???)
    The ♂ may be just a bit too young it is quite common for the first clutch of eggs a pair of pigeons lays to be infertile. I would candle eggs after 5 days and discard the eggs (if infertile) and there will be a second clutch in another 10 days.

    Lesbian pairs do make excellent foster parents and occasional one is promiscuous and her eggs are fertilized (not saying that is your situation).

    It is a good idea to have a second nest bowl available for your nesting pair. After the first clutch of eggs hatch the will lay a second clutch of eggs in about 20 days. The ♂ will attend the 20 day old squabs.

    This is what I use for nest bowls available at the dollar store (about 10 inches in diameter).

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