Why don't my call ducklings like to swim?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by gryeyes, Dec 9, 2010.

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    The four little call ducklings i hatched are nothing like the two (now adult) Cayuga pair i bought at the feed store: I've put these little baby duckies into warm water in a dish pan three times, and each time they've been terrified.

    Well, one of them, one of the stripey faced, dark ones will dive under the surface to zoom around the dish pan if I manage to keep them in it for about five minutes. But the two yeller duckies are just terrified the whole time. I have to take them out and dry them off, tenderly, and put 'em back under the brooder lamp.

    Makes me sad. I thought they'd be thrilled.

    Yes, the water is warm. No, it's not too deep - they can't even really swim in it. One of the three times I had water in high enough for them to be unable to touch the bottom, but I kept my arm there in the water for a safe perch for them... Shallow or super shallow, they just aren't enjoying the experiences at all.

    Oh wah!
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    Hmm that is strange. Mine were all super exited to swim. I am sure that if I pulled out the pool now in freezing temps they would all be in there. I loved watching the tiny ducklings swimming!
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    They will. Give them a bit of time and soon, they'll be splashin' all over the place(like your little submariner already is). [​IMG]

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