Why have my chickens breasts increased?

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  1. astutebunny

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    Jun 24, 2009
    I've had four laying hens since March: a plymouth rock, a silver laced wyandotte, a buff orpington and a black australorp. We usually let them out of their run every night before dusk so they can have some supervised free-range foraging. When I let them out tonight I noticed that my girls breasts were especially pronounced. It seemed a uniform increase amongst them so I'm wondering if this is a natural physical change preparing them for winter or if I should be alarmed. I'm pretty sure I'm not imaging the increase because my wyandotte's growth is uneven, so it looks like she has a lump on her right side. Nothing in my reading/research had mentioned, "at some point hen's breast will increase", so I'm particularly puzzled as to what's going on. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Is the the full crop you're talking about? Often when they free range they eat a ton and their crops will look big. Check it out tomorrow morning. I bet it'll look normal again. [​IMG]

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