Why I call a Guinea Group 'The Elders'.

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Mar 1, 2021
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My Coop
Yes, I call a group of Guinea Hens 'The Elders'. So, 3 Years ago I got a group of 10 French Guinea Hens they were all 4-5 years old when I got them. Over the past 3 years I had lost 7 Guineas of my original flock. So I got 20 more. But the 3 remaining ones from the original flock were getting beaten up so they hung out just the 3 of them. They are 7 years old now. Thats why I call them 'The Elders'. They have weird names now too. The 'Leader' is Robert the Wise. The second member is Samuel the Great. And the Third (and My favourite) Jóse the Guardian Guinea.

Robert the Wise is the only one that flies so I call him wise. Now this guy is FAST no catching him unless he is hurt.

Samuel the Great is HUGE so he is Great as in BIG. He Waddles. Has a Deep Voice. And frost bitten toe. So he has the rough look going on.

Jóse the Guardian is the kindest of them all, he adopted 6-7 keets (Yes he's a he) he has protected them. He is the cleanest guinea ever and goes into the coop at night.

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