Why is my blue swedish duckling huge?


7 Years
Mar 15, 2012
I have 5 two and a half week old ducklings I got from an assorted breeds, straight run bin. There are 3 khaki campbells, 1 cayuga, and 1 blue swedish. When I got them they were all the same size and I believe they are all the same age because they are developing the same except that my swedish blue is huge! It's twice as big as the rest of them. At first I thought maybe the other breeds are just smaller, and while the khaki campbells are, I read the cayuga is about the same size as the swedish blue but my cayuga is the same size as the others. I would love to hear your theories on this as I don't know much about the swedish blue breed. Thanks!
I think hatchery stock can be very variable where "type" is concerned. You may be witnessing that first hand.
Or, you may have a drake?

I am not sure. I just hate the zero. I know how hard it is to wait for responses.

Remember, too, every duck develops differently. If the Cayuga is lower on the totem pole it may not be eating as much, or it may just have a growth spurt at a different time...?
I am not sure. I just hate the zero. I know how hard it is to wait for responses.

hahahaha that's such a nice reason to respond! I hate the 0 too!

I have been wondering if it's a drake. With my chickens I could start to tell by this age but i have no idea how you tell on a duck. The cayuga is pretty low on the totem pole I think though so maybe its just little... ? The swedish is so loud and boisterous, the cayuga the sweetest, and the campbells are right in the middle.
A girl duck says "QUACK" and a boy duck says "wha".
Like this:

When they get older boy ducks will have curly tail feathers.
Some ducks who are lower in the ranks get less time at the feeder, and that can account for size difference. The Cayuga may be a pip-squeak, too.

Good luck.
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This happened to my ducks as well! It just has to do with growth pattern. My Ming-ming was the biggest out of the 3. Her sister, Sonny was the smallest. Now they're 10weeks old and Sunny is WAY bigger than Ming-ming!
Its all in the growing pattern of the duck! She might turn out to be your smallest duck!
My Swedish drakes and ducks grow at the same rate and are the same size. Even as adults, the ducks aren't visibly smaller. They weigh a little less, but look the same. So, I wouldn't count on faster growth to determine who is male.
All my Swedish are the same size (ducks and drakes) except for one drake, who is about 30% bigger than the rest. So some individuals can be larger...

Or it might be that your Swedish is developing normally and the others are just a bit slow. As long as they are all getting a good quality food, are all active, bright eyed and eating well then I wouldn't worry :)

I hope you are enjoying them all :)
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