Why is my chicken breathing like this?? Please help


7 Years
May 26, 2014
I am having a similar issue, open mouth, sleeps on the ground now, saliva glopped up inside, today I noticed what looked like food blockage in the back of the throat, it was gross. I have tried VetRx for a couple day snow, she is old too, probably between 5 - 8 years old. Lethargic as well, doesnt move much but still eats. I think it may just be age and getting sick. The others seem fine. What meds did the vet give you or did they tell you any over the counter stuff may help.

Thank you!
How is your chicken feeling?

My vet prescribed Amoxicillin. He said he now thinks the lumps are due to a scab she has on her abdomen that wasn't healing properly and kept coming off, causing infection. I think this may be because of lice, as she has a lot of lice on her when I check her scab and they appear to be burrowing into it. I have ordered some ivermectin to hopefully treat it.

I'm wondering if yours could have something like canker? A food blockage sounds very unusual if you're able to actually see it in her throat. Might still be worth trying to give her some soft food with olive oil just in case you're able to move the blockage.

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